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Η ιδιαίτερη εμφάνιση του ΑΣΕΠΕ της 380Μ έχει κλέψει τα βλέμματα στην στατική έκθεση του Royal International Air Tattoo. Οι ερωτήσεις των επισκεπτών στρέφονται γύρω από το ραντάρ PS-890 και το ρόλο του αεροσκάφους.
Never seen before at a UK airshow, the Hellenic air force's "Eye In The Sky"is a militarised ERJ-145 airliner optimised for numerous linked surveillance roles.Four examples serve with this air arm. The first was delivered in Ocyober 2004 and the type officialy enterd service in February 2009. As an airborne command and control platform, the EMB145H is tasked with collecting ELINT data, enchanging data with other HAF assets and undertaking combat resque support. Drived from the ERJ 145 this aircraft boasts a strengthened airframe, upgraded navigation and icreased fuel capacity.

Με την άδεια του (C) Κ. Μπούλια

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