Desert Mirages In Europe

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Άλλο ένα Ελληνικό θέμα φιλοξενεί το Air International. Στο τεύχος Μαρτίου, στο άρθρο του Κυριάκου Παλουλιάν με τίτλο "Desert Mirages In Europe" διαβάζουμε για την Ελληνοκαταριανή συνεκπαίδευση :
  • In 2-v-2 air combat scenarios, the two sides alternated between playing the roles of friend and foe...

  • ...HAF provided packages of F-16C/Ds, F-4Es, A-7Es and an EMB-145H AEW while anti-shipping missions were undertaken in conjunction with the Hellenic Navy.

  • ...QEAF Mirage 2000s used Mica radar-guided missiles to engage the SCRAB targets, and Magic II infrared-guided missiles for the target flares. These engagements were followed by more combat and joint tactics over the following two weeks...

  • ...Greek Defence Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos released a statement highlighting the significance of the arrangement: “This cooperation is of special importance. We demonstrate that, besides the [economic] crisis and the problems we are facing, we still have one of the best defence systems, trusted by foreign countries.

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